Let's take the fear out of freelancing.

16 lessons to help you find clients and earn money.

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A cheerful freelancer working at their laptop, creating their creative portfolio.


'Making the leap' is overrated.

We can help you take the fear out of freelancing, by walking you through it one step at a time.

A young UX designer looks over a report, charting his newfound success as a freelancer.

Going freelance doesn't need to be so risky.

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We've condensed everything we know into 16 short lessons, along with valuable .pdf templates of key documents you'll need.Our simple step-by-step guide offers crucial insights and shows you how to avoid common mistakes, and save yourself years of pain...

A hopeful new freelancer starts working on their first ever freelance project.

Get confident

Learn how to value your time and charge for your work.

While her cat sleeps, a freelance designer is seen at home, waving hello to a client via her webcam.

Find clients

Who are they, and where are they? Learn how to land your first one.

A young UX designer looks over a report, charting his newfound success as a freelancer.

Learn and earn

Plan for success, build systems to secure it for years to come.

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Our students were once where you are now...



"Really valuable. It's just what I needed to get started"

- Alexandra W



"Helped me find clients that align with my values"

- Kate S



"Helped me specify the services I really want to offer to my clients"

- Franck J

"The freelance revolution has a supply problem, not a demand problem"- Forbes.com

Created by freelancers, for other freelancers.

"When I started freelancing, I wasn't sure if I was cut out for it. Now, I believe it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'd love to help you to do the same,"

- Enda Mac Nally


Will it work if I have no skills or professional experience?
No. This course is designed for skilled professionals, who have skills that the marketplace is willing to pay for.
What material is included?
There are 16 core lessons, laid out in sequential order. It’s divided equally between core principles, and actionable steps. Each lesson tackles a central aspect of successful freelancing, and is designed to help total beginners.
What level of experience do I need to begin?
If you have been paid to work full time and developed a professional skill, this should be all you will need to start. The material in this ebook is designed to help you articulate your unique value, and identify where you can be of help to potential clients while getting paid.
What format are the lessons laid out in?
Each of the main lessons is laid out in text, with graphics and illustrations used throughout to expand on key concepts. There are also printable worksheets included, to make it easier for you to complete.
What kind of support is available if I have questions?
You can contact me directly at [email protected]

An excited freelancer putting together her portfolio, in order to attract new clients.

Start finding clients and getting paid.

Build a business on your own terms, where you call the shots, work your own hours, and charge exactly what you're worth.

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